We all have our good and bad sides.

Mia is a fashion savvy, young and successful woman. She is our good side, the good girl who lives in all of us. She is put together, responsible and loves living the life she always dreamed of. Mia represents our classic denim. The fit you know and rely on, the fabric that is comfortable and durable, and the style you can add to any wardrobe. She speaks to all our customers, from of a wide spectrum.

Mia is sweet, sophisticated, and who by simple styling can transition easily from day to night. Moss is the bad girl in each of us. She is the bad-ass we all want to be. She likes to go out and be seen. Moss represents our fashion denim. She is loud, she doesn’t wait in lines and she always looks like a perfect 10. This is your statement denim, the styles you can’t wait to put on for a night on the town or while cruising the streets of DTLA with your favorite girl squad. These are the pieces you hold on to. She speaks to our younger, hipper customers, (And occasionally a few who relive their once hip selves!) Moss is eccentric, one of a kind, and who by being her bad self, always makes a statement.

By channeling both the good and the little bit of bad within ourselves we tell the story of MIA & MOSS, to speak to our customers and inspire them to love denim like they never have before.

“Inside each of us, there is the
seed of both good and bad. One
cannot exist without the other.”
- Eric Burdon