MIA & MOSS is the science behind Premium Luxe Denim... An absolute shock to your senses and a luring addiction to their offering.
Special, light, luxurious, and incomparably soft, MIA & MOSS jeans are a shock to the senses in the best possible way. Thanks to a meticulous engineering technique, they introduce specialized and proprietary fabric to the contemporary women’s market. Never before has a jean evoked such a feeling of well-being the moment its fibers meet the skin. A simple and basic garment is transformed, and wardrobes everywhere have a new style touchstone. This is luxury like you’ve never experienced before.
Specialized, enhanced and performance yarns are the exclusive reign of MIA & MOSS, using fibers of the requisite small micron size, arranged to yield an exquisite, butter-soft texture. Spinning and dyeing yarns and weaving and finishing fabric are especially meticulous and highly choreographed acts. These steps eliminate wayward and potentially prickly threads, achieve intense color saturation, and add surface dimension and depth.  Unlike other manufacturers, MIA & MOSS further treats its fabric with steam and dry heat for superior recovery and memory.
Every pair of MIA & MOSS jeans owes its cashmere-like resilience to a carefully calculated Sanforization process. This controls the otherwise volatile shrinkage and memory in typical denim. In addition, a specialized mercerizing step not only enhances recovery, but also adds a lustrous patina and extra layer of softness to the fabric. Was it mentioned that MIA & MOSS is (truly) the science behind Premium Luxe Denim?!
MIA & MOSS captures the spotlight for 8th Street Branding. Known in the industry as “the brand behind the brands” and a genuine influence in denim for decades, countless high profile retailers entrust their private label business to the global resource. It proudly manufactures jeans for established and emerging celebrity labels, as well as fabrics for the premium brands and many specialty retail chains and department stores.. MIA & MOSS is the culmination of 8th Street Branding’s never-ending quest to create a near-perfect textile for the company's coveted jewel.
The MIA & MOSS collection features a concise group of carefully considered fits that offer sleeker, streamlined silhouettes. Details such as pocket construction, stitching, seams and enhanced fabric recovery are paramount, and the result is a jean that is refined, resilient, and a dream to wear. The line features many styles including your core group of denim that anyone and everyone will welcome into their wardrobe, as well as on-point trend denim that speak to our younger and “hipper” demographic. With the fit, fabric, and styles this line will feed your denim addiction.
Size ranges from 24-32 and pricing starts at $69.